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A: One of the common techniques to parse large texts is to put it in a dictionary and look for elements inside of that dictionary. In the case of your text, there are some words which you can use to determine the structure of your text. Since each line is in a different dictionary, you can use that to mark the start of the third line (most likely) and the end of your last line. Something like this should get you started: from collections import defaultdict d = defaultdict(list) with open(‘text.txt’, ‘r’) as f: for line in f: k, v = next(line.split()).split() # split the line into two d[k].append(v.strip()) # if you would like to get the line without the whitespace. # todo: something like #  » « .join([line for line in d.values() if not line.strip()]) for key, lines in d.items(): line = ».join(lines) print(key) print(line) Output 1 Using Autocad Software. (Adobe) ——————————————————————————– Autodesk AutoCAD is a registered trademark of Autodesk, Inc. You can find more information about Autodesk Autocad at 2 . (Industrial Design Journal) …… . …… . 3 . (Industrial Design Journal) …… …… …… 4 . (Industrial Design Journal) …… …… …… (Bored doesn’t have a dictionary in it, so the fourth line won’t be parsed.) Now, if you would like to get rid of the spaces in between the words, I would suggest to use the re module: import re from collections import defaultdict d = defaultdict(list) with open d0c515b9f4

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