Windows wants to let anyone take advantage of its features, and is the reason it got equipped with an impressive array of ease of access options, such as speech, or magnifier. However, they might not fully satisfy your needs, but there are other specialized applications like iZoom that let you configure more zoom and speech options. Multiple types of lens to choose from The moment it runs, the application turns your whole screen into a magnifier, and there’s a high chance it creates a lot of frustration, because you’re pretty much stuck unless toggling off magnification. Luckily, this can be done through hotkeys, with the possibility to press Alt + Insert in order to return to normal. When this is done, you are able to see the main window with all configuration options. You might want to go ahead and configure the lens type at first, so you don’t end up stuck again the next time you run the application. There are multiple types to choose from, such as the whole screen, lens, docked lens, line, or splitting the screen in half on a specific orientation. Customize effects, text, and speech options The zoom level is probably the main advantage, with the possibility to increase the lens focus up to 35 times, but this can make it incredibly difficult to use. In case you’re just there for the effects, iZoom comes with a large list of color layers to apply over the original one, such as replacing white, removing green, or customizing color display. It’s also possible to customize the way your mouse looks, how the magnification window is shown, as well as font and image options to make things clearer. As mentioned above, hotkeys are implemented, and found in the settings menu, with options to modify them. Apart from magnifying, the application is also fitted with a speech component. By default, it only reads elements you click on, such as window titles and buttons, but it can fully be configured even to read elements as you hover the mouse cursor over them. On an ending note Taking everything into consideration, we can say that iZoom is a powerful accessibility application that aims to make it easier to read difficult paragraphs or view elements that aren’t quite clear. The voice component can come in handy, providing audio feedback for elements of interest, even on mouseover.







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iZoom is a magnifying application for Microsoft Windows that gives you the chance to see large text, webpages and small documents on the screen. · Improve your readability by letting you see bigger fonts onscreen · Read anything as you mouseover it · Utilize the speech command to hear what you point to · Configure color layers, font size, color and contrast · Zoom in on a specific area of the screen · Invert colors · Set a custom screen layout · Easily uninstall the application from the Control Panel · Automatically update to the latest version · Create batch configuration files · Customize hotkeys to your liking · Adjust interface settings · Register it for continuous updates · Includes demo videos that show how to use the application About Me My name is Gabriel, I’m from Romania and I have a passion for technology. This blog is a collection of things that I like, or that I find interesting. You will find mobile applications, PC applications (both freeware and not), as well as tips & tricks. My blog is not focused on games reviews, this is my own opinion, and I will be using them only to enhance my life, nothing else. When we will start posting topics on 3D printing, I will post them here too. We will cover both the desktop printers and the online-based 3D printing industry.Previous research has shown that when a high power laser beam scans on the surface of materials, a damage layer forms at the irradiated surface which may lead to disintegration of the material. The laser-material interaction also may lead to the formation of optical grating, which changes the focus position of the incident beam and which is detected by laser microscopy as a bright-dark fringe pattern (bright topography of the grating, and a dark shadow cast from the grating, respectively) that radiates far into the material. The laser-grating interaction may produce dramatic and fascinating changes in a material’s surface that can be used for various applications. For instance, a laser beam may be made to thermally damage an opaque plastic film in a manner that changes the optical properties of the material to a transparent state. And, in the medical field, a laser beam may be used to produce holes, tracks, or scribed lines in a gel to more precisely measure and track the growth of cells as they divide and migrate during embryonic development. The interaction between a laser 2f7fe94e24

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Ultra-thin magnifier for your virtual desktop. Makes reading documents, websites and eBooks easier, especially for those with poor vision. iZoom makes the screen magnify on-the-fly and is also a magnifying glass. You can magnify documents, photos, parts of websites, images, or individual parts of the screen. Ultra thin and smooth, it hides in the system tray allowing you to continue to work and do other tasks without interruption. Customize settings to make it easy to magnify, zoom in and out, change details such as font size, and even speak while doing so. Customize the shortcut key and launcher icons to make it easy to access. Recommended Settings Lets you customize the quality of magnification, magnification size, the number of times to zoom and more. Convert all text to the same font, size and color. Reads all text from selected windows or documents. Holds up to three reading windows at once. Reads any selected text, word or words from mouseover and hovered mouse cursor. Spoke while reading text with custom texts. Possible To Use iZoom is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 8.1, and 7. iZoom is not compatible with Windows Server 2016, but can be installed side by side with Microsoft accessibility tools that may have been installed first. 1.1 – 5 Windows Home Edition iZoom 5 is a complete accessibility application for Windows 7 and Windows 8. On demand magnification for reading documents and books or websites. When you have multiple reading windows open, you can use the Desktop Magnifier to zoom in to any of them. While reading, you can use Speak to listen to the content of any selected window or document. You can save your iZoom settings to an xml file for quick and easy configuration later on. When you close a reading window the settings are retained for the next time you use iZoom. Optimized for Windows 7 and Windows 8. Platforms Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 See iZoom 5 for a list of supported Operating Systems. Screenshots Features Unbelievable Magnification In iZoom 5 you have the ability to magnify part of the screen

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Multiple types of lens to choose from Customize effects, text, and speech options Hotkeys are implemented, and found in the settings menu Focused results available for page text, images, flash, links, Web content, or entire web pages. Here’s some test data. On an ending note Taking everything into consideration, we can say that iZoom is a powerful accessibility application that aims to make it easier to read difficult paragraphs or view elements that aren’t quite clear. The voice component can come in handy, providing audio feedback for elements of interest, even on mouseover.METH addiction is one of the most prolific epidemics the United States is facing. Methamphetamine (METH), which is a cationic amphipathic alkaloid, is currently the second most prevalent drug of abuse in the United States, only behind marijuana. This represents a very real threat to our nation as a whole. According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy, the number of people addicted to METH has increased six fold since 1985, from a reported 2,600 people to 13,400, with over 6,000 people reporting that they have injected METH in the past year. Methamphetamine is highly addictive and has a half-life of two days in the body, meaning its damage from direct absorption has less of a potential to induce long-term effects. METH users can continue to use the drug because they will quickly develop a tolerance to its effects. This helps to ensure a high level of METH abuse and addiction. Methamphetamine is easily synthesized from readily available and inexpensive starting materials. Methamphetamine can be prescribed for short-term use in the treatment of ADHD. The drug is most commonly taken orally with a ‘date-rape’ drug combination. The highly addictive nature of the drug means even small doses of methamphetamine can cause tremendous devastation. Many people who take methamphetamine experience paranoia, aggression, agitation, sleeplessness, hallucinations, dysphoria, clouded/difficulty understanding or memory, tachycardia (extreme heartbeat), anorexia, dilated pupils, muscle twitching, psychotic symptoms, anxiety, and constipation. Methamphetamine abuse has also been linked to numerous medical conditions, such as HIV, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, obsessive compulsive disorder, Tourette’s syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, seizure disorders, tardive dyskinesia

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64bit Windows (7, 8, 8.1) 128bit AMD/Intel Processor (min 3.6GHz) 4GB of RAM 1024×768, 1280×1024, 1920×1080 Display DirectX® 9 Compatible Graphics Card (NVIDIA, ATI or Intel) DVD drive or CDROM to install Steam client. You must be connected to the internet during install Do not connect an external audio or video source during install. SteamOS will not recognize these devices Please have a backup of your personal files and settings