THE ELDEN RING RPG is the latest fantasy action RPG from PlatinumGames Inc., who has designed over 50 games for the worldwide market. Inspired by an exciting mix of classic Japanese RPGs and the latest trends in the genre, the game features a diverse array of characters with a wide variety of combat styles, skills, and play styles. A vast world awaits exploration with a diverse array of dungeons and towns to discover. Team up with friends and fight together as a unit with the Online Mode that loosely connects you to others. KEY FEATURES – An Amazing Story, Interconnecting Parts of the Story * A multilayered story that unfolds as you play, building up the drama as you discover fragments of secrets. * Characters’ stories are interconnected, and you can choose which character to develop or play as. * The story is full of exciting and hilarious lines and amazing events that will have you applauding as you play. * The different stories of the characters has a strong connection, as if the fragments of their stories are meant to be linked together. * As you explore the world, you’ll find all kinds of stories waiting for you to uncover. * You’ll meet countless characters and be able to explore the story as you play. – Variety in the Type of Battles * If you enjoy online battles and hunting, you’ll enjoy the main battle between the protagonist and bosses. * The variety of enemies in the game is amazing. * The fight with enemies from every stage of the story is unique. * You’ll be able to encounter realistic opponents that your stats match. * If you enjoy hunting, take on the challenge of a full-scale hunt with a variety of monsters. – Adventure with Friends Online * You can form a party with up to three characters, and use your characters’ unique skills to form the strongest party. * You can freely customize your appearance, weapons, and armors. * You can join in battle as a party, even when you’re offline, and travel with friends to a different world. * Enjoy a Unique Battle Experience METAL GEAR SOLID: REVENGEANCE METAL GEAR SOLID: REVENGEANCE is a new generation of the legendary series. The redesigned command system and a high quality development tool support sophisticated communication between players and the game engine. This enables players to


Features Key:

  • A vaster and highly immersive fantasy world with a variety of situations ranging from a vast open field to a large dungeon
  • Character ability points that are used to raise battle power, gain abilities, craft items, and increase stats of equipment
  • The effect of a special attack that raises the battle power of many characters at once (called a group experience) and the effect of a character absorbing the battle power of another character (called a group absorption effect)
  • Item crafting through special items called Mana Stones
  • Rich story elements that incorporate a tale born from a myth
  • Fantastic graphics that evoke a sense of imaginative adventure
  • Boss encounters that challenge players’ strategy and determination
  • Innovative online elements including the achievement of high battle power during online games
  • An easy-to-learn tutorial to introduce the world of the story and gameplay
  • High class fantasy artwork, lively descriptions, and gripping music
  • A vivid world full of excitement and fun.
  • A vast world where each content appears seamlessly connected. Feel in from worlds of your own creation which offers an unprecedented experience.
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    Development Diary
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    The interface is user-friendly and has a variety of stylish options. We were pleased to learn that a characteristic feature of the interface was becoming more and more sought after, as many games start to adopt similar interfaces.


    The interface is easy and intuitive to use. With the touch screen, you can enjoy an easy and speedy game experience. Simply tap where you want to move and items and characters will appear where you tap. By design, your left thumb is positioned automatically on the Touch Pad, meaning you can easily perform actions while using other game controls.


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    « This game is rather original and I think it will have those who have a taste for fantasy enjoying it. Most people will feel it’s out of their league. It has good production values, and a lighthearted appeal that has me looking forward to playing it again, but I’m not quite sure I would recommend it to everyone else. » -Omega. « The game offers some great new features that make it worth checking out, but it’s difficult to recommend to those who don’t already have a sense for fantasy and RPGs » -G3. « It’s a wild ride that’s filled with content and an engaging story, but it’s also not particularly fun. » -Gamestew. « I’m really impressed by what was achieved in this game considering how challenging it was to make. » « Eden Ring is one of those games that is well designed and has a solid setting. I also really enjoyed the fact that there was no spellbook, and that I had to use my brain and the environment to find the best spells. » -G3. « I know many people who adore RPGs, but even they will not be able to stand this game, so in that sense, it is a masterpiece. » -Omega. « It’s not the most innovative RPG ever created, but it’s really rewarding when you get to actually use the new mechanics. » « The voice acting is great but the characters are way over the top. Some things were funny, but that mixed with the other shortcomings, just left me bored. » -G3. « This game was always going to be hard to review. Not because the game is bad, but because it’s so simple and it doesn’t take the lore and worldbuilding into consideration. It only explores the relationship between two characters. It’s a shame because at first glance it looks like an interesting RPG. » « Like many people, I enjoyed the characters, story, and music but I couldn’t help but feel the game was missing that one thing that could make it legendary. » « Like most early adopters, I had high hopes for this game. I didn’t quite bff6bb2d33


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    FEATURES ◆ Upgradable Items: You can choose the weapons and armor that best fit your character’s fighting style. You can also raise the characteristics of these weapons and armor with Enhancements and up to a maximum of four items can be equipped at one time. ◆ A Cruel World: Combat is more challenging than ever as you face dangerous monsters. Battles are engaging, and time pressures give you a sense of the danger in every situation. ◆ Challenging Game Mode Battles: Tournaments have their own rules, making every match with your rivals no less exciting. Furthermore, catch-up matches can be played after a long rest. ◆ Fight with the Master!: Accept the challenge of other players by joining the “Master Challenge,” an activity where players fight in teams to battle through dangerous missions. ◆ Weapons and Armor: Your weapons and armor are enhanced with the skills you raise with Enhancements. #Features #Operation #LandsBetween #CrossWorld #Crusades #CharacterStory #StoryStory ◆ Story mode. You stand at the beginning of an unknown world, plagued by the war of the Gods. ◆ The new online element. You can directly connect with other players and travel together in Festa III and at other locations. ◆ A world that challenges even the strongest players. The game’s Evolving Challenge feature makes for a surprise even when battling against enemies of a higher level, as well as a new type of combo, Action Time, and the new Hunting Support System. ◆ Dynamic, fun, and immersive gameplay. Crusades! The Fields of Glory! About the Project Dive into a Fantasy Action RPG that lets you Rise, Tarnished, and Become an Elden Lord, wherever you may wander in the Lands Between! While traversing the vast fantasy world of the Elden Ring, you will take a challenging quest to avenge your family. The game will let you choose your own strategy in battle, a strategy that is formed through a series of options and decisions. The game makes use of the subtitle “Fantasy Action RPG” as it casts you into a fantasy world full of action, mysteries, and surprises, where the choices you make are entirely up to you. You will get in touch with a variety of fantasy worlds, including your favorite worlds of previous titles, as


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    yep i need more gameplay that i would have to spend a whole years on, and i really hate the narrator and lack of dialogues, moves system would be nice but not more than i expected ( not talking about poor melda mode or other instant move system like mobile games ) i was a happy elf at first, i played it like a traditional JRPG ( similar to FF11) and i cannot get what changed… Gameplay : not much happening, new story to finish, a bit annoying the battle system needs revamp for the best way to play it ( 3 of you shall join, one is the main boss ), world is empty, almost as classic darksiders 2 experience, the unexpected Story : old story, not enough new idea this time, i would have assumed a season storyline ( like FFT or FF7) : the world is decaying, the forest is dying or something because the elves are underground and keeping mortals and stones out, so this is the storyline but i find this boring, its old, boring, boring… Characters : not much nice and funny character this time, i get bored by the men the most charcters are humans, almost all men there are Hweel with good looks funny faces and wacky colors a total mismatch, the elf char will do battle, and elf acution system ( not hewel ) will be the worst acution system i ever seen Gameplay :a bit tedious, i liked the battles and i liked the boss fights too but compared to some other ff series ( and the ff11 boss fights are unreal ) it fall in the middle, something missing, maybe the ability to use more specials without reusing it to other chars? Are deffensive bonus ( like an health regeneration ) and nice speed bonus ( like equippers ) this would make the battle experience better as this is the main problem : the first maximum attack can be reached easily the (reuse) bonus arent good enough to remain a challenge and therefore fun… Story :a bit old, a bit boring, same story, nothing new for me a decade after the fact, i expected new plot and ideas after the release of FF11 so i could imagine a FF13 with a new plot not a upgrade of the first 10 years of the game ( like that would be a SCOWAR in FF : patch and improve vanilla game )… Characters :not much character having fun, a bit manic, some funniest moments and some


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