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■ Features « Heart in the Cell: Rebirth » You can choose to play the game with three, six, or nine players, depending on the game system you are using. It is designed to be play anytime and anywhere, and can be used even for children! ■ Chronological Bionomical Structure, with the Atmosphere which is on the Caves of Right and Wrong Every planet is composed of various planets, and planets that orbit the Earth. The game revolves around the concept of « the caves of right and wrong. » You’ll explore various planets, the Earth and other galaxies as you seek for the four Caves of right and wrong. A science fiction novel, like « The Chronicles of the Star of Illusion », is on the Earth and a planet called Sycra. A science fiction novel, like « The Chronicles of the Space Wanderers », is on the earth and a planet called Sycra. One is the « Earth » and the other is the « Sycra, » Sycra is a planet that orbits the Earth in a fixed distance. They are bound by a dense black nebular matter called the « Pillars of Darkness. » But, in reality, the planet is a medium to connect them, that is why they can reach Sycra, the planet of the Galactic Federation by « Shadows and Darkness. » « The Chronicles of the Star of Illusion » The game development studio created « heart in the cell: Rebirth » out of curiosity. It was made after they watched the British TV show called « THE MASK OF ZOROASTRI », which is based on the fantasy genre, with a strong sci-fi element. Then they got curious and decided to create a sci-fi battle game! In the game, you can look at the perspectives of four major planets as the player is an agent that infiltrates the Oniros Corporation. In the game, you can use it from the perspectives of each of the four major planets. You will determine the game environment according to the perspective and position of each of the major planets. The game features various stage war scenes as you travel along the story line. The music in the game will be composed with heart, as the name is suggestive of the game’s theme. The « heart » is a symbol of human emotion, which is why we


Features Key:

  • Epic Writing Journey.
  • An enjoyable Puzzle Adventure game with a unique setting and story.
  • A demanding puzzle game.
  • A funny story with a good beginning, middle, and an ending.
  • A game rich in emotional experience.
  • An experience of the entire family.
  • A multiplayer game.


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    Story Mode(A-Z Mode) Buy items that enhance your strengths in battle to become a stronger Avatar. Try to defeat the enemies with a variety of strategies! 1. Dragon Clan 2. Star Clan 3. Snow Wolf Clan 4. Aqua Clan 5. Forest Clan 6. Heavy Weapons Clan 7. Sailor Clan 8. Nine Sages Clan 9. Special Guiding Nine Sages Clan 10. Warriors Clan 11. Crimson Clan 12. Battling against Warriors Clan is also possible by buying items. Jump into the battlefield! Each clan has its own advantages. What will happen when the clans clash? Features: 1. Quests about each clan 2. Battle system that lets you exercise the tactics of the Clan you picked 3. The ability to select your favorite clan and carefully hone your skills 4. Customize your character with your favorites 5. Various settings such as Custom Play, Scenario, Shop, and Tactics 6. Great graphics based on the resolution of your PC (256×224) 7. Changeable menu and map size 8. Various editing tools 9. Have you ever wanted to see your character’s expressions and stances? This game gives you the chance to make your dreams come true! ■Related Links Game Title: The Cloud Dream of the Nine Platform: Windows E-mail: ■About the Company Cloud Dream is a company based in South Korea. Since 2002, it has been manufacturing and developing games. The company is supported by Google, the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation, CJ E&M, Asahi of Japan, the Booksellers Association of Korea, and THQ. In November 2011, San Francisco based studio Resonair launched a new title by Cloud Dream, Korean game version of the high-tech assassin game “Splinter Cell Blacklist”. The team at Resonair was responsible for the Korean translations, as well as the localized game design, UI, and audio. At release, “Splinter Cell Blacklist” was the fastest-selling game in the PC version of Humble Bundle in the history of Humble Bundle. “Splinter Cell Blacklist” was the recipient of the Gamers’ Choice Award in the Excellence in Audio category in the 2011 Independent Games Festival. ■About the Game You were sent to a Special


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System Requirements:

* Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit) * 8GB or more of RAM * USB 3.0 port for external storage or mouse/keyboard * 700MB or more of storage space * DirectX version 9.0c or later – Xbox One * Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit) * DirectX