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Playing Fling to the Finish is based on the original Fling Match Game. The game uses the same mechanics but you only have 4 moves per round. About The Game Lords of Pixels: It’s a game of strategy and careful use of pixel to gain advantage over your opponents. Be warned: if you play 3 moves per round, your teams score & age will be increased at the end of the game and win gives a huge amount of XPs. The game has 5 levels with 3 rounds per level. To win, you just need to make your team to win 3 rounds! During the game, you can level up your avatar and unlock new skins & more accesories. The game has no in-app purchases, so you will never be charged for any of these.Rodent chromosome painting: a novel fluorescence in situ hybridization technique. Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) is a powerful tool for physical mapping of genes and chromosomes, but requires sophisticated equipment and skilled personnel to perform. This research aimed to develop an FISH technique for chromosome and subchromosomal localization of rodent tissues with low sample volume (0.8-1.0 microl) and high efficiency, and a wider application range and fewer requirements for equipment. The FISH probes for rat chromosome X and Y were constructed by assembling repeat units of selected restriction fragments, with the vector arm of pH-U-15 flanked by direct repeat sequences at the ends of the repeat units. A DIG-labelled probe for Xq-probe was constructed by assembling repeat units of selected chromosome X-specific fragments, with the vector arm of pH-U-15 flanked by direct repeat sequences at the ends of the repeat units. The DIG-labelled probes were used for colchicine-arrested rat testis cells. The chromosome X probe hybridized to the centromere-proximal side of chromosome X, while the Y probe hybridized to the centromere-distal side. This method has also been applied successfully to detect the X chromosome in testicular cells. This new type of chromosome painting FISH is a convenient, accurate, and reliable way of localizing loci of interest on chromosomes and chromosome subregions.A six-month survey of children with epilepsy in the community: prevalence and risk factors. A community survey of 396 children with epilepsy was undertaken to investigate current problems of epilepsy and to assess the best way to


TRANSCEND Features Key:

  • Charming story with a pinch of heroism
  • Tense gameplay with dozens of exciting levels
  • Awesome powerups and great challenges to try
  • Beautiful-looking graphics


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Neptune’s Beard, the most popular and successful rock band in the universe, has a new album out! If you like the Neptunes, you’ll dig this album, which dabbles in many genres including pop, breakbeat, dub step, and even a little rap. And unlike most Neptunes releases, it’s not exactly what you’d call typical Neptunes. Rock on! + Features – Choose your favorite Neptunes songs, albums, or artists. – Over 100 tracks, with video footage of any Neptunes video. – Customize your playlist with your own mix. – Add videos from YouTube and Dailymotion. – High-resolution pixel art used for all icons, backgrounds, and window textures. – Much more. Recommended for You Excited to see all the pics and info for this very awesome game. Hope it’s not to shabby of an experience! I usually like more sp. If not, it’ll be fine. I also hope the voice acting wasn’t done like how they did with the 4kids.Q: How to pass values from view to controller using ajax and jquery? I am doing an application in django and I have a view with a button, for each button I need to pass some values to controller. With normal view I just simply have an option to upload image and its done. My problem is how to pass the same values that I pass using a normal view to my ajax action. I have written the following code in my view: $(document).ready(function() { $( « #submitButton » ).click(function() { var vname = $(« input[name=name] »).val(); var vphone = $(« input[name=phone] »).val(); var vaddress = $(« input[name=address] »).val(); var vreview = $(« input[name=review] »).val(); var vimage = $(« input[name=image] »).val(); var item = { c9d1549cdd



Releasing on Xbox Arcade and PC, the game is a shooter in which players take to the role of a cyborg soldier sent to destroy an enemy race that has a territorial imperative to destroy everything else. This is with the exception of the player’s own faction, as they’ve been sent to take over the entire game-world and exterminate everything in their path. The game uses real-time movement, weapons, and targeting. The weapons are a mix of regular ballistic weapons as well as weapons that are equipped with railguns. The game is open-ended, both in terms of character progression as well as game-world progression. I can’t wait to get this game in my mail box, as I loved the two previous games, RUNE3 and RUNE1. November 22, 2006 14:01 PST Yay, another game called Army of Two Oct. 31, 2006 11:58 PST Wow, they really felt a need to add a ‘4’ to the title. In fact, add the ‘2’ to that, since they’ve now released a second game in the franchise. Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel will be releasing on Xbox 360 soon, so this is a fitting spot. Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel is a co-op action shooter in which two operatives are sent on an exploration-style adventure to infiltrate a drug cartel and prevent it from abducting a girl who is their daughter. Things not to like: – The game is not for those who care for third-person shooting games – The music is mostly tinny. – The second-person view is awful in the sense that you cannot see the hit boxes on the baddies. – The game lacks variety, and feels like a Call of Duty sequel much like Half-Life 2. – The game is quite repetitive as players will easily find all of the collectible items. – The bosses feel lame. If you like first-person shooters or cover-based shooters, this may be one you want to look into. November 24, 2006 19:20 PST Nintendo DS/GBA port! November 24, 2006 03:31 PST In honor of the holidays, this game is a GBA port of the Nintendo DS game, Nintendo DS, and you can check it out for $19.95. The game is a turn-based strategy game that


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