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Living in the Ending World Full Crack is a simple text adventure game. In this dying world the game is currently in development and not finished yet. The world is dying and you are the only ones who can stop it. Living in the Dying World is a text adventure that takes place in a world that is no longer. In this world there are a few things left. You and others. The survivors of the world that has just ended. The game features an interesting storyline and a variety of different endings, depending on your choices. You start with a knapsack of food and other material. You will use these to explore and build a base of operations. There are plenty of items to gather, or use in order to survive. Break down scraps of metal, find remnants of other items, use junk to repair things, make a campfire, or use water and land to make things. On the other hand, there are things that you should consider not using. Other people to scare, because they might be hostile. How to survive? The world and your survival depends on how you choose to survive. ■ Variety of Selectable Directions The game features a variety of directions and options for each choice that you make. Depending on the direction, you may be able to explore a different part of the ruins, come across a building, find a shop, other resources, etc. ■ Plenty of Areas to Explore The game will feature a variety of areas that will make the exploration more fun. There are plenty of areas to explore. You should keep an eye on your food supply because you can’t always rely on the random events occurring. You can take a break in a specific area, or from there make a campfire, cook some food and make your own base of operations. ■ Incomplete Game The game has not been finished yet and will not be completely done for sometime. The game is currently in development and not finished yet. In the future time, humans left Earth and settled a world called Earth-Many.Then, the world fell into the nuclear war.The human is the only being who survived.Their needs to survive is food,power, and weapons. Your relationship with a girl and your need for food and weapons are about to put you in front of the resistance. I started as usual with a cake on the game. Living with the meaningless worries of a normal girl, I always


Features Key:

  • Good game design built on the basis of an exploratory literature review. Game design elements include:

    • focused simulation with clearly defined scenarios, tasks and events

    • effective and compelling game-based learning

    • tight content created to add to standard classroom practice

  • Constructive steps taken to engage the student:

    • Helpful and open learning environment based on semistructured points of learning where the student is master of his or her own study schedule, learning, and progress.

    • Feedback and self-directed individual learning to extend and confirm knowledge.

  • Challenge points where students make important and creative contributions to the course.

  • A game design structured on a basis of authentic materials – lecture notes, course text, maps, quizzes, templates, and phrases that are always available.


Living In The Ending World

The game is an adventure game with a text-based format in which you can explore as well as decide on decisions that will have direct consequences on your survival. There are four endings in the game. In addition, there are several sub-events. However, only one ending is the True Ending. Character wise, there are a total of four characters and you can change your chosen character when certain conditions are met. However, you can only play with one character at a time, making this game ideal for two friends to play together in cooperation. The characters are an explorer, a mechanic, a « lover » and an electrician. Their backgrounds vary based on the ending you choose. The game will begin with you in a nuclear missile attack alert area of a space ship. In the game, you will eat your meager rations, find food and materials and establish a base of operation. Your main goal is to survive until the game ends. ■ Difficulty It is an easy-to-moderate game. You can play through it in 2-4 hours but can end up spending more time if you don’t manage things well. Some things may be challenging but not impossible. ■ Pacing When you die, you begin a new session and try again to find your way to the end of the world. So, you can consider this game as more of a game of endurance. However, there is a countdown of how long you have left to get to the end. You must act quickly but you must also wait. ■ Selection You can select one of the four characters. Each have their own abilities and/or problems depending on the ending you choose. You can switch characters at any time in the game without restarting. ■ You You have a choice in how you play. There are options for you to choose from. ■ Story The story is tightly woven. You will experience it first-hand. The game picks your character based on your choices. ■ Playable Systems Turn-based system (no random elements) Text-based dialog system Different ending 4 Characters (4 endings) In-game knowledge and experience point system ■ Staff No Creators No Developers No Publishers No Writers No Testers ■ Copyright Testers’ and developers’ accounts are not included in the package. The Awakening of the Light creates not only a room to live in but also a way to teach d41b202975


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