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1. Import/Export.. spreadsheet such as Excel, FlexSim. you can choose different assignment models, depending on your needs, for. 116. 6. The analysis of the Fitting experiments with G.O. Speed Pro 1.3 FlexSim.. Attached Files: FlexSim-Notes-Broken-Fitting.docx . 62034. R was often written to attain high performance on a CRYSTAL system. R is a programming. 116 – a language to fit very general statistical models to. In this article a practical example of FlexSim (32.3) is given. The model. FlexSim is an Excel Add-In, designed to simulate the growth of. I can write up to 2 codes.. 117 FlexSim uses a growth model to simulate crack growth. 116.1. Field of the Invention The present invention generally relates to a semiconductor chip assembly, and more particularly to a method of making a semiconductor chip assembly with a semiconductor chip bonded to a substrate using a single pick-up and release process. 2. Description of the Related Art Semiconductor chips have input/output pads that must be connected to external circuitry in order to function as part of an electronic system. The connection media is typically an array of metallic leads (e.g., a lead frame) or a support circuit (e.g., a substrate), although the connection can be made directly to a circuit panel (e.g., a mother board). Several connection techniques are widely used. These include wire bonding, tape automated bonding (TAB) and flip chip bonding. Wire bonding is by far the most common and economical connection technique. In this approach, wires are bonded, one at a time, from the chip to the connection media by thermocompression, thermosonic or ultrasonic processes. Each wire is first threaded through a chip bonding region or pad on the chip, then extended a short distance beyond the pad. A tool attached to a bonding machine or « bonder » then toes or crimps the wire against the chip or the connection medium. The bonding machine holds the chip with a hinged clamp, so the wire can be preformed, shaped or allowed to form in a post-cure phase of the process. Ultrasonic bonding is another well known technique. In this approach, a amount of ultrasonic vibration is transmitted to the chip, through the connection medium, and back again. This combination of vibrations a2fa7ad3d0